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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Get Your New Pool

Summer might seem like the most obvious time to get a new swimming pool construction started in your home, but there are actually quite good reasons why it makes sense, apart from the enjoyment you will get from a cool splash when it is done. Summer is different in every part of the country, with some having more mild experiences, but nearly everyone will want to be near a pool when summer arrives. Here is why it is not too late to start getting your new pool constructed in the next few months.

The Ground Is More Malleable

During winter, the ground itself gets quite a bit harder to work with, and it can take quite a few days longer to dig up the same amount of space as it would in the summertime. These reduced temperatures, sometimes below freezing, can add thousands of dollars onto the cost due to longer build times. When summer comes, the earth gets more fresh and loose, especially as new growth starts to break through. If you want to ensure a smooth construction, then summer is the best time to break ground, no matter what part of Australia you are in.

More Availability

During the winter, most swimming pool construction companies stop offering swimming pool construction services because of how few orders there are for them. This can make it a lot more difficult to hire them, and in return, the price goes up. When summer hits, everyone is either redesigning their pool, fixing any broken elements or getting a new one installed. You can get quotes from multiple companies within your very own suburb and get the best possible price due to the increased competition. The hotter it gets, the better your options will be and the quicker you can get started.

New Designs And Features

Each summer, most swimming pool contractors and designers will unveil their new features and designs. This is to encourage people to get new pools or update their old ones, and it often works. They feature everything from better filters to trendy designs to cool accessories like in-built spas and so on. Summer is when the pool industry explodes with opportunity and cool concepts, so if you don't want to feel left out, then waiting until the temperature starts to get above 20 C is always a good plan. It also means that many of the trends and fixtures from last year go on sale! 

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How to Build the Perfect Pool

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