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Common Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Every pool owner wants a clean facility, but many people are unwilling to get down and dirty to ensure that a pool floor and walls are sparkling. Fortunately, automatic pool cleaners are available to pool owners looking for an affordable and easy solution to maintaining a clean pool. However, you must first familiarise yourself with the different types of automatic pool cleaners before deciding the best choice for your needs. Read on for further information.

Suction Pool Vacuums

A suction-side cleaner can only operate when connected to a pool's skimmer. The reason is that a pool pump draws debris through its filtration system via a skimmer. Therefore, when you connect a suction side cleaner to a skimmer, the device moves around a pool's floor, sucking every bit of dirt and sending it directly to the pool's filter. Since suction side pool cleaners rely on water movement produced by the suction effect to move across a pool floor, you need to guide it occasionally. For instance, you might need to manually move the pool cleaner to another section instead of vacuuming the same spot. The best part is that suction pool cleaners are cost-effective since they do not use electricity. They are also low maintenance due to few moving parts.

Pressure Pool Cleaners

When a pool's filtration system draws in water and filters out debris, it is pushed out back into the pool. The pressure created by water coming from a pool's filtration system powers this type of pool cleaner. The same pressure pushes debris into a cleaner's filter bag. Unlike a suction-side pool cleaner, it uses a pool's filtration to remove debris from the water. Therefore, a pressure-side pool cleaner helps preserve a pool's filtration system. However, you must keep an eye on the filter bag and empty it when you believe it is full to enhance overall efficiency. That said, a pressure-side pump only works if a pool pump functions optimally.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

While these are considered the best automatic pool cleaners, they are also the most expensive. Notably, they are powered by electricity and propelled by a low voltage motor. Robotic pool cleaners have in-built pumps and filter bags that trap pool debris. In fact, some high-end robotic pool cleaners rival pool filtration systems in eliminating the smallest microns of particles. Furthermore, automatic pool cleaners rely on artificial intelligence to map out a pool facility and plan the best route. If you regularly use a robotic cleaner, the filters in your pool's pump could last a lifetime.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for pool cleaners near you.

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