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Four Essential Items of Equipment To Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Every swimming pool needs specialist equipment to help with its maintenance, and perhaps none is more important than the kit you will need to keep your pool clean. Here are some of the things you should keep on standby to ensure your pool remains a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Telescopic pole

A good telescopic pole is perhaps the most important item of equipment you will need for looking after your pool. It has a wide variety of uses - fishing out pieces of debris, skimming items from the surface and brushing or vacuuming the pool, for instance. All of these activities can be carried out from the poolside. You should choose a pole that can extend to the middle of the pool if possible. Heavy-duty aluminium is the best material for the pole, but make sure that it is still lightweight enough for you to use comfortably.


The pole will really come into its own if you get the right attachments. A brush will be invaluable in cleaning algae from the bottom of the pool. Regularly cleaning this away will make your pool look better and keep the water fresh, as well as extend the life of your purification chemicals. Make sure you brush the pool regularly to stop the algae from building up in the first place.

Skimmer Net

A skimmer net is likely to be the attachment that you use the most. Pools are prone to attracting debris — leaves and twigs from outside, but also wrappers and litter from the people who use it. All of this can be easily removed from the poolside with a skimmer net. The net is made of a fine mesh and so will skim out anything that does not belong in the pool. It can consist of a bag, which will scoop up more debris, or a flat head, which will be easier to clean.


Finally, there will be times when brushing the pool isn't enough and it needs to be vacuumed out thoroughly. To do this you will need a vacuum hose and head for your pole. You will then be able to remove any rubbish from the floor of your pool once it is drained.

These four items will be invaluable for the everyday maintenance of your pool. For a proper deep clean though, or if you are in any doubt as to your abilities, just call in a professional pool maintenance service.

To learn more about swimming pool equipment, reach out to a retailer near you.

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