How to Build the Perfect Pool

4 Features You Should Consider for Your Designer Pool

People who are considering to have a designer pool built for them need to think about the different ways in which they would like their pools to be functional and stand out. This article discusses some design features that you should consider when your pool is being custom built:

A Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge is at times called a sun-shelf. It is a flat ledge that is normally constructed near the entry point of the pool. You can place a lounge chair on this ledge. That ledge can also shield sections of the pool from the intense heat of the sun as you swim on a hot day. You can have this ledge in any shape or size that you desire.

Swim-Up Bars

Why should you get out of the water to take a drink when you still want to stay in the pool? A swim-up bar is a good way take some refreshment without having to leave your custom pool. The swim-up bar has in-built bar stools that have been made from stone, concrete or tiles. The bar area can be adorned using beads or glass. This feature will enable you to swim up to the area so that you can pick a drink or something to eat before you swim off again after placing the plate or glass on the bar stool nearby.

Fire Water Bowls

Fire water bowls are spectacular water features whose flames create a beautiful spectacle during the night. Those fire water bowls serve as a focal point for your designer pool during the day when the burst of colour caused by their flames isn't as eye-catching as it is during the night. You can have as many of these fire water bowls as the space available can accommodate. For instance, you can place them at every corner of your swimming pool.

Play With Colour

Another way to make your pool to stand out is by using colour to your advantage. For instance, you can have the floor of the pool painted in different colours. These colours can be randomly distributed or they can be arranged in the form of lanes for swimmers. There is no shortage of design ideas for a custom pool. It is therefore advisable for you to take your time as you collect the different ideas that you would like to incorporate in your designer pool. Keep in touch with the pool builder so that he or she can advise you on the cost or code implications of each feature that you want to have.

Contact local designer pool builders for more information and assistance. 

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