How to Build the Perfect Pool

Why Regular, Professional Servicing Is Important For Your Home's Pool

If you have a pool on your property, no doubt you know the importance of cleaning it often and of regularly checking the chemicals to ensure the water is always hygienic and safe for swimming. However, it's vital that you also have regular, professional servicing of the pool, no matter how meticulous you are in caring for the pool on your own. Note why that is so you know your home's pool is in tiptop shape and always ready for the family or for entertaining.

Inspecting the equipment

Your pool's filter and pump may be working, but this doesn't necessarily mean they're in good repair. These pieces, as well as a pool heater, motorized cover and robotic vacuum, could be suffering excessive wear and tear or have damage that you don't immediately recognize. A professional pool service technician from a company like Cygnet Pool Supplies & Service Pty Ltd can perform a full inspection of these parts so you can have worn pieces replaced or have the parts maintained as needed before they actually break down and stop working altogether.

Energy-efficiency check

If you live in a very warm climate but notice that your pool always seems too cold, or if you think that your electric bill is too high during the summer, you might have an energy-efficiency check done by a pool servicing professional. They can check the motor of the pump and note if it's undersized for your pool, which would cause it to work too hard, increasing your utility bills. They can also note if the heater is undersized, which will result in high electric bills and a chilly pool at the same time.

A professional pool service technician can also tell you if your equipment is very outdated and struggling to work; this can also mean very high electric bills. A new pump, filter, and other such pieces can mean a lower electric bill and a more comfortable pool overall.

Inspecting for leaks

Tears in your pool liner or cracks along its walls can mean leaks in the pool; this can lead to damage of the pool's equipment, water damage of the lawn, and wasted water that would need to be replaced. You may not notice these leaks or any such damage when you clean the pool yourself, and you may not know the signs of a water leak to look for when performing your own maintenance. A pool service technician can ensure that the pool's walls and flooring are free of leaks, and they can alert you to any damage that might lead to leaks and subsequent water loss.

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How to Build the Perfect Pool

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