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Pool Care: 2 Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Vinyl Liner

When the swimming pool builders constructed your swimming pool, they will have installed a vinyl liner. This sheet of vinyl forms a waterproof membrane between the structure of the pool and the water that it contains. Traditionally, plastic was used as a membrane, but it is now standard practice to use vinyl has it reduces the cost of construction and offers improved protection against leaks. However, the vinyl liner of your pool is not invincible. With use, wear and tear can cause the vinyl lining of your swimming pool to become compromised. Below is a guide to 2 signs that you need to have the vinyl lining in your pool repaired or replaced.

Rips or cracks in the surface of the vinyl liner

If you notice that the water level in your pool is slowly falling and requires regular topping up, this could be due to rips or cracks which have appeared on the surface of the vinyl liner. Rips and cracks often occur because of exposure to chlorine and pool cleaning chemicals. If a rip or tear is not quickly fixed, the leaking water could cause significant damage to the outer structure of your pool which could result in the need for expensive repairs. Cracks and rips also provide the ideal location for algae and bacteria to form, which could lead to your pool becoming a health hazard. You should periodically carry out checks on the vinyl to make sure it is not cracked or ripped. If you cannot find the source of a leak, you should call in a professional pool contractor. 

Stains and discolouration on the surface of the vinyl

The leading cause of staining is exposure to pool cleaning chemicals or the intense ultra violet rays of light from the sun. While staining itself should not compromise the integrity of the vinyl or its ability to form a waterproof seal, it can look unsightly. No one wants to host a pool party with a pool which looks old and patchy. If you have used coloured vinyl in line your pool, the UV radiation may cause it to fade, so it looks washed out and tired. Unfortunately, as pools tend to spend a lot of time uncovered during the summer months, the only way to remedy this is to have the vinyl replaced.

If you would like to find out more about how to care for the vinyl lining on your pool, you should contact a pool contractor, like one from Atlantis Pools, today.

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