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Why Should You Buy a Solar Cover for Your Swimming Pool?

While you might love your swimming pool, you probably don't enjoy the costs that come with it. Pool heating is a significant expense, but you can always opt for a solar cover to help cut down on costs—in fact, a solar cover will help reduce all kinds of costs associated with owning a swimming pool.

Here are just a few reasons why you should really add a solar cover to your pool.

Solar Covers Keep in the Heat

You probably already have a pool heater, and a solar cover can never act as a full replacement. What it can do is minimize the amount of time you need to run the heater. Think of it like home insulation—insulation doesn't remove the need for air conditioning, but it means you need to run it less frequently.

A solar cover is made from woven polyethylene, with UV inhibitors included across it. At first glance, it looks a lot like bubble wrap. These are thermal bubbles—they work by holding in the heat. Essentially, a solar cover traps the heat of the sun within the pool water. When the sun goes down or the clouds come in, regular pools immediately start to lose their heat. A solar pool cover preserves the temperature, so you won't need to turn on your pool heater all the time.

Solar Covers Prevent Water Evaporation

All pools lose water—that's never something you'll prevent entirely. However, evaporation is a main cause of water loss, and you can virtually eliminate evaporation by covering the pool with a solar cover. You won't have to top it up as much, so you'll save on your water bill each month.

You'll also be saving further on your heating bill. Keep in mind that lost pool water also contributes to energy waste since the new water needs to be heated from a cooler temperature to match the temperature of your pool.

Solar Covers Prevent Chemical Evaporation

Finally, chemicals evaporate faster under the sun. In fact, a pool that doesn't have a cover over it will lose significant amounts of chlorine over a single day. Without the proper chemicals, your pool won't be as hygienic, and you will need to spend more money replacing those chemicals as a result. Technically any pool cover can prevent this type of loss, but solar covers tend to be the most effective since they are fitted to perfectly match a pool's dimensions.

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