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3 Reasons Why Glass Is Better Than Sand as a Swimming Pool Filter Media

As a pool contractor, you already know about traditional pool filtration methods that are available in the market. The knowledge allows you to choose the best option for your clients. However, part of listening to your clients' needs entails keeping up with emerging industry trends. While sand has and continues to be the staple product in pool filtration, crushed glass is slowly gaining popularity as a filtration media. However, given the commonality and dependability of sand as a filtration media, you might question the need to change what is not broken. This article highlights solid reasons why you should use glass instead of sand in your next swimming pool filtration assembly project.

Glass Has a Negative Charge -- One characteristic of sand as a filtration media is that it needs regular backwashing for effective cleansing. In commercial swimming pools, the frequency can be as much as once every week. The reason is that sand traps debris using its jagged edges; therefore, the filter must be backwashed regularly to get rid of any clinging dirt particles completely. This is not the case with glass beads because glass has a unique characteristic—a slightly negative charge. The negative charge attracts even the tiniest of dirt particles. The best part is that the weak negative charge readily releases dirt particles with a single backwash, thereby cleansing the filter with relative ease.

Less Water Usage -- As mentioned earlier, sand filters require frequent backwashing. Since debris clings tightly to sand particles, the filter must go through several backwashing rounds to completely free the sand particles of debris. This means that your client will need several gallons of water for a single backwashing cycle. With water becoming a scarce and expensive resource, such usage is considered wasteful. On the other hand, since debris is only attracted to a glass filter by a weak charge, the same can be washed away with fewer washes. Ultimately, cleaning glass filters uses less water when compared to sand filters, and this can contribute to huge water and energy savings over time.

Recyclability -- Most homeowners and businesses are after environmentally friendly practices, and although sand filters can last up to five years, there is no environmentally friendly way to dispose of them. Most garbage removal service providers dump sand filters in landfills, which contributes negatively to environmental sustainability efforts. On the other hand, the glass beads for glass filters are supplied by recycling plants that have no use for multi-coloured glass beads. The best part about using glass beads as swimming pool filters is that the beads can be used for the lifetime of the swimming pool. Unlike sand filters, you do not need to change glass filters because all you have to do is improve the efficiency by cleaning the glass filters with chlorine.

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